How to use MoonDesk?

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* Requires official version 2018 onwards.

What is MoonDesk?

Who can use it?


MoonDesk is for anyone involved in the design process: request, edit, review and approval. It can be used by designers (internal or external), marketing teams, quality assurance, supply chain managers, compliance, regulatory affairs and printing houses.

What do I need to install MoonDesk?


It is very simple, you should only have installed the 2018 version of Adobe Illustrator CC. It works on Mac and Windows. Review the recommended system requirements.

What do I gain from MoonDesk?

By using MoonDesk you’ll gain two things that are fundamental to your day to day work: Time and efficiency!

How do I get MoonDesk?


It's super easy! We have different plans if you are

freelance designer or company .

Does MoonDesk protect my company information? 


Of course. All your company information is hosted in an information center where it can only be accessed by users with the appropriate permissions.

How do I get more storage space for my MoonDesk account?

If you’re out of space on your MoonDesk account, don’t worry! Move to a different plan to get more space or get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you.

Who can help me if I have questions?


All your questions and concerns can be resolved. Contact us at or talk to us on our support chat.

How can I avoid sending out the wrong file?


With MoonDesk you can say goodbye to those creative ways you end up naming your illustrator files: “Final version,” “finalfinalversion,” “trulyfinalversion...”  This software will save your files in the correct pace, keeping them organized and easy to find by searching by content.

How do reprocessing and packaging reprints affect your company’s carbon footprint?



We’re a software company with heart, committed to productivity, more efficient processes, and above all to care for the environment. Every error in a design file that ends up getting printed leads to reprocessing that impacts your carbon footprint, leads to inefficient use of raw materials, and increases waste.


Although there are different guidelines that establish methodologies to calculate your carbon footprint such as ISO 14.040 and 14.044, ISO 14.067 or PAS 2050:2008, there is no agreement for calculation guidelines across all industries.

If your industry doesn’t measure the carbon impact of reprocessing, reprinting, and relabelling, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Care for the environment means integrating internal sustainability programs with software like MoonDesk that will reduce reprocessing, eliminate errors in design files, and thereby reduce your company’s carbon footprint...

The packaging industry loses $1.5 billion USD to waste

The packaging industry, one of the largest industries in the world, suffers losses of approximately 1.5 billion dollars due to waste resulting from user error. At MoonDesk we want to move you away from being part of those “bad statistics” and put you on the side of companies who manage their processes in a more profitable way, reducing errors in packaging tags and labels as much as possible.

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